ICT use in Agriculture in Kenya

ICT in Kenya is growing super fast. Statistically, every adult in Kenya has a mobile phone and more than 80% can access mobile money. This has transformed the country in terms of economic capacity by enabling the free flow of communication, information and money. Techpreneurs have come up with long-lasting solutions that solve huge problems experienced in this part of the world…..


This is the biggest thing in the ICT space in the world; mobile money, a first from Kenya and leaving top techies around the world in awe. MPESA has transformed lives in Kenya, socio-economically, especially to the rural poor who can receive small amounts of money from their relatives working in urban areas to invest in their farms. This flow of financing makes a huge difference since the farmer can liaise with market operators kilometers away making business flow much faster and smoother.

MPESA and equity bank have come with an innovation, MKESHO, which is a mobile banking /microfinancing solution that can help many unbanked people access basic financial services like loans, deposits, savings, all this without having a bank account.

All these initiatives have helped in getting the much-needed funds to the most remote but productive areas and have improved rural livelihoods very significantly


This is a Kenyan agribusiness software solution that seeks to provide delivers necessary information for Kenyan farmers, thereby helping farmers and agropreneurs  improve their productivity and increasing their bottom line.  Their main application is an SMS solution given most farmers are not connected to the internet yet .

mFarm was found by three ladies at the @iHubNairobi, the Kenyan Silicon Valley , with the main objective of information dissemination.

On their website you can see testimonies of users of the mFARM SMS app. In the information age, these kind of innovations are just priceless.

iCow ICT use in agriculture

Kenya is a huge exporter of fresh milk and milk byproducts. This is mainly due to the emphasis of  quality in the value chain that leaves us with a superior product. To maintain this kind of standards, the dairy farmers need to access information on their finger tips and that’s where iCow comes in.

This is another SMS app focused on giving the dairy farmer unbiased information concerning the cows’ gestation period, vet info, record keeping and the world’s first cow calender.


Yet another mobile phone innovation targeting the small scale farmer with information, advice and support. Personally I use m-Kilimo and they have helped me with invaluable information when I need it.

You just call them with your query and if the receipient is not qualified in that field , he/she liases with another researcher/agronomist who is capable of handling your matter. It’s just amazing and it’s free.


Technology is a major pillar in our vision 2030 and we seem to be moving in the right pace though more could be done don’t you think? Feel free to share your wise thoughts below…


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