Hybrids Vs GMOs

A very hot debate indeed, should Kenya import GMO maize in terms of shortages or incentivize hybrid seeds to make sure our people do not starve. In fact many people hardly know the difference between the two so I will break it down today;


As the name suggests, a hybrid plant is a cross-pollinated species of two related but different parent plants.  For instance, one may combine a low yielding drought resistant tomato with a high-yielding drought sensitive tomato to get a high-yielding drought resistant tomato hybrid.

Hybrid seed are very important especially here in Kenya where there is a huge food shortage and effects of climate change are being felt to the bone.


GMO meaning Gor Mahia Ofcourse Genetically Modified Organisms are plants that have had their DNA modified using molecular genetic techniques like gene cloning and protein engineering. Scientist can include pesticides in the DNA of a plant making it resistant to pests. GMO

Numerous studies have linked GMO foods to cancer. A recent report from the international Journal of Biological Sciences has just found that three separate kinds of Monsanto’s genetically modified corn causes organ damage in rats.


Hybridization at many times occur naturally but nowadays companies and researchers develop the seeds in a controlled environment to achieve better results. Hybrid seeds like the tomato Chonto F1, Tylka F1 and Anna F1 are very helpful since they are developed to withstand the current conditions.

Kenya should not have any business of GMO. We should fund researchers to develop our own hybrids that can survive in tis day of climate change and water insecurity, that’s my 2 cents, what’s yours? Please share your brilliant thoughts on the comments section below…


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