My A.S.K International Trade Fair

This year’s theme at the A.S.K (Agricultural Society of Kenya) International trade fair was ‘Driving Agribusiness in Attaining Food Sufficiency and Vision 2030’ and boy did they drive the point. Originally an agricultural show, the trade fair largely consisted of exhibits from stakeholders in agriculture who have a huge impact to the community as a whole.

I did not have time to visit all the relevant exhibits as there was too much good stuff but my personal favourite stand was that of KEFRI (Kenya Forestry Research Institute) and KARI (Kenya Agriculture Research Institute). Research is what we need to develop better home-made solutions and these guys are on top of their game.

KARI has done amazing stuff in terms of hybridization of several types of staple food like they have maize that is drought resistant, pest resistant; can grow in the driest areas in Kenya where food shortage is felt most. Apart from Maize, they have recently developed new seeds for sorghum, finger millet, cassava and many vegetables in a bid to diversify Kenya’s staple diet which is mostly Ugali made from maize. They were also exhibiting the solar drier Solar drier that dries fruits and veggies whilst retaining all the nutrients, giving the product a longer shelf-life making it more marketable.

What interested me most from KEFRI was the bamboo section. Anyone whose been to the Jamhuri park knows it’s very hot and little fresh air is available but when I reached where they grew some bamboo, I felt at home. Fresh cool air flowing from the bamboo canopy, plus, I was allowed to make myself at home on the hammock Bamboo hammock where I relaxed for almost half an hour.

The researchers there were extra friendly and gave me invaluable information about bamboo investing. I just learnt that they make bamboo

Bamboo crisps

crisps which are very nutritious and cost KES 1200/USD 12 at the China Hotel in Karen, Nairobi.

They also make candles with bamboo apart from the candle stands and other furniture

A great experience indeed, did you go to the A.S.K (Agricultural Society of Kenya) International trade fair? If so please share with us about your trip


3 thoughts on “My A.S.K International Trade Fair

  1. I did not go, but boy do i wish i was there. Sounds like a few people are looking for the solutions plaguing us. Was there anything about an implementation plan of some of the break through.

  2. I was there, it was good but u had to wiggle your way everywhere. I’m wondering though, is there an opportunity for kenyan farmers who want to grow herbs?

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