Kenya’s Agri Policy; Talking the Talk

We all know how agriculture is a huge employer in the country, benefitting close to 80% of Kenya’s workforce directly and indirectly yet we do little to improve our biggest foreign exchange earner. Government policy is weak and poorly implemented. Budgetary allocations to agriculture-based initiatives is more like petty cash compared to the 65% government recurrent expenditure e.g. paying 40 cabinet ministers KES 2.2 million/USD 22 000  each per month plus some other 200 Members of Parliament each earning KES 850 000/ USD 8 500 per month, not to mention the funds they embezzle from the CDF (Constituency Development Fund).

In the current financial year, our hague-plagued finance minister allocated less than 5% of the budget to agriculture, and you wonder why Kenya lacks enough food. My theory is that the people in government designed this food shortage so that they can generate easy cash for campaigning for next year’s election. Given that the big fish in government control imports, they are making a huge killing in importing cheap GMO maize from wherever and selling to the people at high prices.

Kenya lacks leaders, all we have are dealers who are in it for themselves. Our land issues have never been solved since independence plus many people have grabbed land which they do not use sufficiently. There is plenty of fertile arable idle land in the country but since less than 10% own 100% of the land, there has to be issues in it’s management.

The 2007/08 post election violence was due to land. After the independence, many of the white settlers sold their land to the government and some individuals, some corrupt individuals grabbed hectares of land. The land was never returned to the original settlers, hence the problems we have today of IDPs (Internally Displaced People) and tribal wars. We need a government that looks after it’s people, not what we have today, what do you think? Please share your comments below


One thought on “Kenya’s Agri Policy; Talking the Talk

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