AgroEcological Thinking

The way we practice agriculture today as a human race is threatening. Our idea of boosting yields is using many toxic chemicals and most recently, genetically modified foods, which is a Monsanto Long con to the human race, fiat seed, Max Keiser would call them in the Keiser report.This vicious cycle of ignorance is now haunting us as global food prices skyrocket, not as a result of lack of food, but rather control of how food is grown and distributed. Several studies have proven that using toxic chemicals is harmful to the soil’s long term fertility and most importantly, a threat to humans and animal life that consume the food and the underground water…yeah those chemicals seep into the underground water table and gives use some cancers. Most herbicides used on your food are registered explosives and carcinogens, but that is the effects of capitalism.

We need to think outside the box and practice more sustainable agriculture like AgroEcology. With below 2% forest cover in Kenya, rains are becoming sparse, water, scarce. More people are dying due to the negative trickle-down effects of this.

World-Renown treehugger, the late Wangari Maathai put alot of emphasis on the conservations of forest land and it seems she was preaching to the choir as we continue to clear forests in the name of real estate development. Of course with a growing population and rapid urbanization, we will end up with nothing but a concrete jungle and scarce natural resources.

Currently there is a magnanimous shortage of bees due to climate change and people are still ignorant about the matter, saying that global warming is due to some astrological effect that does not make sense unless you are an oil marketer.


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