Water Insecurity Disaster

On this world water day Kenya stands at a catastrophic front given the current recent forest fires in the Mt Kenya forest which has destroyed a good part of the forest. To add salt to the wound is the fact that the media (the 4th branch of the government) has avoided broadcasting this environmental disaster, the same way they put a lid on the brutal murder of 2 AFC fans by Gor Mahia fans on Sunday…yes your government is lying to you but that’s nothing new. The worst part of this Mt Kenya Fire is yet to come.

mt kenya fire

Kenya is a water scarce country and subsequently a food scarce country. Agriculture consumes a lot of water and we let most of it run off into the Indian ocean. The government hardly invests in irrigation and when the irrigation is there, there are no seeds nor fertilizer which is not a bad thing because I think ALL farmers should go organic and use manure, compost, organic fertilizer and home-made fertilizer which is SUSTAINABLE!.

Organic farming also saves plenty of water simply by using mulch which covers the water from the hot African sun, hence avoiding evaporation of this precious commodity. When you spray toxic chemicals on your farm, they do seep into the water table and since most people dig boreholes…you are drinking the same chemicals you use to kill insects and weeds.

Kenya needs policy to check water & food insecurity otherwise there will be a nasty humanitarian disaster. We have to remember that the Congo forest is also losing trees by the truckload and the Namib desert to the south is also growing fast…..



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