How To Make Organic Fertilizer at Home

Kenyan agriculture faces huge challenges everyday…now the predicament is to do with fertilizer, there is a shortage of it and since most farmers are ignorant  lack information about organic farming and improving soil fertility by natural means like organic fertilizer, we will definitely not be able to feed the 40 million stomachs in this nation. Furthermore, we are a rain-fed agriculture nation so when the rains are erratic, more millions starve as politicians import genetically modified maize to blast the people with more cancer and disease.

Of course many people have never hear of organic farming so you can learn about organic  farming versus conventional farming here

The ONLY solution to hunger in Kenya is organic farming, which is the most productive form of sustainable agriculture, uses mostly free natural resources to improve soil fertility and soil structure (Not that inorganic fertilizer only contain nutrients for soil fertility but nothing to do with soil structure.

How To make Home Made Organic Fertilizer 

All you need to make organic fertilizer is the organic waste in your dust bin; banana peels, potato skins all the food waste is an invaluable asset to an organic farmer. The only offsite item is the ‘EM 1’ Natural solution for organic practices and yeast.

How to make organic fertilizer at home

How To – Mix the organic solution with water, yeast and the organic waste and put inside an air-tight container and leave for 1-2 months to ferment, depending on the volume.

-Make sure to stir vigorously twice a week

NB; Make sure the container is air-tight because the fertilizer does produce a foul smell. The foul smell also repels insects in the farm so it is killing two birds with one stone 😉

This is almost ready organic fertilizer which we will use growing some blueberries, straw berries and blackberries.

With the fertilizer shortage, a 5 KG bag will cost you not less than KES 6000 if not more…this home made organic fertilizer will cost you less than KES 500 in implicit (time taken to ferment the fertilizer is an opportunity cost in time but worth the while) and non implicit costs. I just saved you a bucket load of cash with a single blog post 🙂 you can thank me later

How to make organic fertilizer at home





6 thoughts on “How To Make Organic Fertilizer at Home

  1. Congrats for your recent winnings. Please give us an indication of how far the fertiliser made in the pictured barrel takes you – in terms of acreage

    • Thanks, 5-7 litres of the sieved organic fertilizer can serve a full acre. Normal spraying but the equipment has to be neutralised of any chemical fertilizer and/or herbicide to maintain the organic integrity

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