Biogas Simplified

Article by Max Turunen

Then there is making biogas. An airtight container, nothing added to plant waste… but one thing more: water lock. can be made from old canisters… and old tractor inner tire-tube can store some of that burning flame gas (no, there won’t be that much of it in small scales… but some cooking and heating power anyways… and perhaps to run some small engines for short while). Same type of slurry is left… 

Whichever method for making such plant nutrient slurry… it can be further combined with Clean energyclean locally made charcoal (sun dried and rain washed seaweeds can be charcoaled cleanly, while getting the heat to use, by local materials again… or just sund dried water hyacinths). when mixing powdered charcoal to that slurry… a mixture is made: for making new permanent soil, from where now only lifeless (or just poor) sand exists. The charcoal powder which has sucked the nutrients inside it’s tiny pores, seems to tie the nutrients to the top layers of earth, not letting it to be washed away in few years. (charcoal alone does not do much and gets washed away in some time). New permanent soil patches for gardening food… while getting some heating energy. (some of India- areas willagers seem to have method to do all the stages from clay, needing no plastic containers… I do not know how effective, but that is extremely efficient in needing local materials only…).

The charcoal making without as much smoke as from ordinary fires, and while cooking/heating, seems to be the newest and oddest to people… (me included, I had to trie it ot believe it, and even then I had to burn some of the seaweed-stalk charcoals to be sure it really was charcoal). But it is actually easy to do… here’s (again, I think it is quite practical and important) the step by step How To instructions: (use outdoors only ! Carbon Monoxide can be very dangerous indoors in contained spaces):


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