The Young Agropreneur is a resource for information on matters concerning agriculture in Kenya and the Eastern African region and also it is a wake up call for the youth to venture in agriculture and to remove focus from white collar jobs which are very hard to come by


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    • Science and technology will attempt to feed 12billion…the problem is shortermism (policy, economic wise,societal rationale) and emphasis on consumerism.

  1. I am liking your site, which has a great source of information and insight on the current happening. Well done and really keep up.

  2. Just ran across this site searching hydroponics – interesting!! Food will be hard to come by if we do not do something NOW. Hydroponics will grow in sales even faster ….. and now there is a fixture with new technology called EnviroLux. People are swarming to it. A you tube was just posted on this fixture and they customer build. It has been stated that we will need to produce 5 times the amount of food in the next 3 decades than we have in the last 10,000 years!!!! The weather is completely unpredictable and not enough land! Due to this, people wanting organic food and the bad economy we are in, everyone is trying to grow their own garden. Restaurants are even growing their herbs and produce in the back of their restaurants to save money. FARMS are converting their outdoor farms, into indoor farms using the EnviroLux fixtures. The lights on the EnviroLux are amazing for growing plants, veggie etc. The government has been using them for the past 2 years because it produced for them 33% faster (for tobacco growth to extract a vaccine) and it just came out for retailers to purchase. The more we know about sources like this, the more we can help get prepared!!! God Bless!!

  3. I did a research on passion fruit farming in parts of central kenya(Gatundu and Gatanga) unfortunately there is very little been done to salvage the crop.I did the same in Northrift(Eldoret especially Lessos) where i found alot of farmers doing passion fruit farming.I think something needs to be done in central kenya

  4. #Kahonge, very brave and innovative initaitive, willing to share some ideas on how we can chnage the perception of agriculture form a preoccuptaion of poor rural people to a vaible agribusiness venture and an opportunity for young investors in Esat Africa, check me out on twitter – @KelvinOdoobo

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