The Problem With GMOs

According to the Laws of Kenya, GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) products are illegal but the recent famine in East Africa has made many politicians, especially the former minister of Agriculture William Ruto, very pro-GMO. Several studies have proved that GMOs not only spoil the environment, they also have devastating effects on the human body when consumed as food. These politicians just want a cheap way out of the hunger but none of them thinks about the long-term effect of the GMOs to our society. Continue reading


Health is Wealth

Health care is one of the most expensive services in the world today. In the developing world like Kenya, it costs an arm and a leg to get some dignified health care and treatment. For instance, a heart transplant at the Nairobi Hospital may set you back KES 10 million/USD 100 000 and the same procedure costs ten times less in India, considering travelling expenses and what not. This is largely caused by lack of adequate medical infrastructure, brain drain and incompetence by active practitioners. Continue reading