Kenya’s Agri Policy; Talking the Talk

We all know how agriculture is a huge employer in the country, benefitting close to 80% of Kenya’s workforce directly and indirectly yet we do little to improve our biggest foreign exchange earner. Government policy is weak and poorly implemented. Budgetary allocations to agriculture-based initiatives is more like petty cash compared to the 65% government recurrent expenditure e.g. paying 40 cabinet ministers KES 2.2 million/USD 22 000  each per Continue reading


Youth Involvement in Agriculture

The average age of the Kenyan farmer is 55 years. Most of the youth in Kenya are more focussed on moving into the big city and get white and blue-collar jobs, leaving this delicate art of agriculture to the old who should be relaxing enjoying their pension and sunset years. This fact has led Amiran Kenya, an agriculture supplies company, to starting an initiative for encouraging the youth to venture into agriculture which can also provide a good living if not better than white-collar jobs. Continue reading