How The Weak Kenya Shilling is Affecting Agriculture

The Kenyan Shilling is the worst performing currency in the world, shedding off over 22% year to date. This has been largely caused by a huge negative balance of trade and of course the usual speculators in the market who are short selling the shilling. Kenya is a net importer of goods hence the trade deficit and given the surge in crude oil prices, I believe we are yet to see the worst. Continue reading


Challenges facing Youth in Agriculture

  1. Middlemen

Brokers aka middlemen remain to be the main bottle neck as far agriculture in Kenya is concerned. From those at the Nairobi Coffee Exchange or the transporters from the farm gates, inefficient value chains have been the biggest problems faced by farmers in Kenya especially the youth who own very little land or no land at all Continue reading

Coffee or Real Estate?

Sasini Ltd, a listed agricultural company at the Nairobi stock exchange, surprised everyone by announcing that they intend to turn a 1000 coffee plantation into real estate. This news flabbergasted the market causing the stock price to gain more than 23% on receipt of this news in the stock market the question remains why the excitement at the @NSEKenya. Continue reading

The Agriculture Investment Case

Agriculture in Kenya is not usually thought of as an investment but as an occupation of the rural folk mostly the old. Many youths from rural and urban backgrounds shun this way of life and opt to flock the city to look for white collar jobs which are not there. Furthermore, our universities and places of higher education do not promote agriculture, instead they prepare students to be job seeker and not job creators. Continue reading