Kenya’s Agri Policy; Talking the Talk

We all know how agriculture is a huge employer in the country, benefitting close to 80% of Kenya’s workforce directly and indirectly yet we do little to improve our biggest foreign exchange earner. Government policy is weak and poorly implemented. Budgetary allocations to agriculture-based initiatives is more like petty cash compared to the 65% government recurrent expenditure e.g. paying 40 cabinet ministers KES 2.2 million/USD 22 000  each per Continue reading


The State of the State

Kenya is a food insecure country, we import over half of our food mostly  from our food secure neighbours which leaves us to question our priorities as a republic. Currently we are suffering a huge shortage of grains like maize, rice, wheat etc  forcing us to import expensive food from Tanzania, Malawi, South Africa etc

Reasons for this are  Continue reading