Agribusiness; Top 100 Mid-sized Firm

For the first time an agribusiness company has clinched the number one spot in this year’s top 100 mid-sized companies survey. Jungle Macs, a nut processing firm, managed to lead the pack in a survey done by synnovate Kenya, KPMG and the business daily,that surveys businesses that turnover KES 70 million – KES 1 billion (USD 700 000 – USD  10 000 000).nut

Jungle Macs was started by Patrick Wainaina, who was educated in Japan and started the business with just KES 300 000/ USD 3000. The enterprise almost went under in 2003 but Patrick opted to get a job at Safaricom to support his dream with the meagre salary he got from the Telco, and the rest is history, today, Jungle Macs is raking in more than KES 600 million/USD 6 million per annum in top line revenues.

Jungle Macs’ main business is the processing and packaging of macadamia, cashew and pea nuts and their maintarget export markets are USA, Europe and the emerging markets of Asia.

Another agriculture mid-sized company, Mukurweini Wakulima Dairy, was ranked 5th in this year’s survey, for their exceptional quality of dairy products, growth in revenues, profits and return on investments.

These are examples that prove agriculture as a very viable, profitable and fulfilling business and the youth should take notes on creating self employment through innovative agribusiness.


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