Chameleon Breeding Agribusiness

Yes you read it right, chameleon breeding is becoming a lucrative investment as being showcased by Kirinyaga self-help group, who are breeding chameleons as a way to diversify their portfolio from the usual food crops and animal husbandry. They sell an average of 2000 chameleons a year in the three years they have been doing this and now they plan to go global. Continue reading


Dairy Farming Success

Kenya is Africa’s 2nd biggest exporter of dairy products. Lying on the equator it just comes naturally that our dairy products have very good quality and innovative farmer’s are making it happen. Brookside ltd is the biggest exporting company in the dairy industry mainly because of their direct contact with small-scale farmers who are the majority in Kenya.  Continue reading

Hydroponics, Aquaponics and Aeroponics

Climate change is a reality. At independence in 1963, Kenya’s forest cover was 10% of it’s land mass but now it’s a greasly 1.2% due to massive deforestation. This has had a huge effect in terms of our water tower and subsequently food security. Apart from the micro climate change, the globe as a whole is pumping out greenhouse gases that are significantly shifting climate and weather patterns all over the world. Continue reading